We have a 'Live' Whitepaper that is continuously updated as we make progress. Click the link to view the latest technical Whitepaper or simply see below for a summarized version


The aim of Project: INCRYPT.x is to create a truly decentralized and transparent investment fund, where investors have full control and traceability of funds; an investment fund free from issues associated with the traditional finance models such in-effective decision making processes, red-tape leading to bottlenecking, corruption/mismanagement etc.

The solution is simple; create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to control the investment fund. A DAO is a network of stakeholders with no central governing body, just a set of rules encoded on a blockchain. Essentially a DAO is a trustless management system.  The fund will seamlessly govern itself, allocating shared resources and making effective decisions and scaling accordingly.

Within the DAO a Blockchain Based Voting System will be housed. Based on this model, the community will be able to submit ‘investment proposals’, and token holders will be able to connect their wallet to the GUI of the DAO and cryptographically cast their vote on a proposal (that covers investment strategy, dividend distribution etc.) for the pooled funds in the ‘de-fi’ wallet. The full Whitepaper covers expected problems, along with proposed solutions, such as ‘reputation flow’ which will protect the DAO from corruption and malicious actors.

In order to seamlessly and autonomously raise capital for the Investment Fund, Advanced Tokenomics was introduced. The $INCRYPT token employs Deflationary and Auto-Yield Generating tokenomics that is coded into the tokens smart-contract.

On every transaction, there is a 10% Tax imposed: ​

  • 3% is Automatically burnt, thus reducing the supply and following the deflationary protocol. 

  • 4% Will be added to the De-Fi Wallet for investment purposes, with 25% of the total value of the De-Fi wallet used for weekly Buy-Back and Burns which would further reduce supply while simultaneously adding BNB to the Liquidity Pool.

  • 3% Will be redistributed to token holders, thus allowing holders to earn passive income by simply holding the token, also known as Static Yield Farming.

  • The burn address will not be excluded from reflection fees, so with every transaction the supply will be decreased in addition to the 3% burn fee, thus aligning with the deflationary protocol.

Once 'wrapped' tokens are deployed to other blockchains, $INCRYPT token holders will be able to earn additional passive income by staking their tokens.

Advanced Tokenomics

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