X-World is the name given to a project by the Gaming Department of IncryptX, whose primary research focus is blockchain based gaming, and the integration of NFT's and De-Fi with gaming. X-World will be a community developed metaverse consisting of virtual NFT art galleries and various arcade, card style and RPG games.


X-PUNKS by IncryptX is an NFT series consisting of 10,000 unique hand-drawn characters represented by Digital Trading cards that will have future utility in X-World. The monster cards will be Avatars in the metaverse, and the cards will be used in a dual-style digital trading card game. X-Punks Trading cards will be minted on multiple blockchains as the X-World Metaverse will aim to make cross-chain interoprability in blockchain gaming a reality. 

X-Punks can be found on: 

1. https://rarity.garden/bsc/farm-view.html?address=0xf9Fd9575A00F901b40F1579D327a504b6B795d10

2. https://opensea.io/collection/x-punks

There are different types of cards:

1. Monster Cards

2. Item Cards

3. Magic Cards

Each monster card has its own unique attributes, which can be boosted by combining them with appropriate magic and item cards ;

Each item and magic card has its own level of rarity: Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Legendary, Mystical,

More details on the X-Punks trading cards and upcoming game will be announced soon, stay tuned to our social media channels for live updates.